Back from SCaLE 8x

Back from SCaLE 8x

Written by Katherine

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After a long weekend at SCaLE 8x with some of my favorite people, Linux Journal‘s Kyle RankinBill Childers and Shawn Powers, I have officially become a huge fan of the annual Southern California Linux Expo. Shawn, Kyle and I had the opportunity to give talks at the conference, and were able to talk with many readers and meet lots of fellow open source enthusiasts. It is always gratifying to hear positive feedback from so many readers in person, and it is fun to see people all over the conference kicking back with a Linux Journal in hand.

Read the rest of my post over at Linux Journal.

While at SCaLE I had the opportunity to give a talk about being a one woman web team for Linux Journal, and my slides are below.  I thoroughly enjoyed the chance to not only share what I do, but also to get feedback and field questions on issues that I may not have given much thought to.  This is incredibly valuable, and I am very glad to have had the benefit of the Women In Open Source conference audience to engage in conversation.

I’d like to personally thank Gareth Greenaway, one of the conference organizers, for encouraging me to submit a talk.  Additionally, I must also say that I was very impressed with the event as a whole, and Gareth, Ilan Rabinovitch, and everyone else involved deserve a big thanks!

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