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Like many others, I am pretty exicted to see what Google and Android will bring to the table in the near-term for the mobile devices market.  Tomorrow is the big Google press conference in NYC to unveil the new HTC Dream, which is the first Android-powered mobile phone on the market.  Will it be an iPhone killer or will it fade into obscurity?  I don’t know about the former, and I certainly hope not the latter.

I suspect the Android platform will give Windows Mobile, Symbian, and iPhone platforms a run for their money, and I look forward to playing with one of these gadgets sooner than later.

In the Open Source community the progress of this platform is pretty exciting, and can do wonders for Linux market share in general.  The potential for this new convergence of software (Android, Gears, Chrome, and Linux) is tremendous, and I can’t wait to see where it goes.

Over at, Doc Searls shares his thoughts on Google’s direction, and like most of Doc’s writing, it is well worth checking out.

GACL | Linux Journal.

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