All the Cool Kids are Doing It

Written by Katherine

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Since Shawn and Carlie did it, I figured I’d have to find out who I look like lest I die of curiosity, so here it is. First, it took me forever to find a head-on, reasonably recent photo of myself that didn’t look like crap. I look stoned though. I am pretty sure I look nothing like these chicks, but some of them are fairly flattering. Funny.

As an added bonus: heh heh… one of these is not my husband:

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  1. Carlie says:

    You know, I never made the Julia Stiles connection but I actually see it a bit. Apparently MyHeritage thinks you have luscious lips. :)

  2. Shawn Powers says:

    And hey — no dudes! :D

  3. Tiffany says:

    I would say Julia Stiles for sure.

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