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I’ve met quite a few people recently who are involved in startups in one way or another, and when I happened upon the blog below, I thought the points raised might be relevant not only for open-source businesses (and soccer apparently), but for a much broader segment out there.  I would imagine that whether you are building a web 2.0 dream team or a killer waitstaff, seeing past experience thereby avoiding breaking old habits may be worthy of serious thought.

In particular:

In open source, we do, too. To do it well, I think it’s best to mold people to the task, rather than trying to retrofit old, calcified ways of doing business onto a new model. If you’re hiring for an open-source startup, intellectual youth is on your side. This doesn’t translate, necessarily, into physical youth. It just means you have to hire people who don’t have a vested interest in seeing the world through yesterday’s model.

Also interesting is that this guy used linkedin to find employees.  Crazy… social networking actually works??? 

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