How To Be One Of The “Cool Kids”

Written by Katherine

Topics: Technology, Things I Like

I was reading something about beta sites that are invitation only, and how some seem worthy of such exclusivity whereas some don’t.  Justified or not, there are a bunch of cool new-ish things out there that require an invitation.  Joost comes to mind, as does Natuba.  I already have a Natuba page (thanks Richard), but I thought I might like to try some other nifty “Web 2.0″ thingamajigs out there, so enter  It is a site simply devoted to passing out invitations.  Cool.  Got my Joost; trying 8apps.  You never know what useful new tool you may find, so give it a shot.  Then again, maybe I should have kept it to myself… less competition for the oh-so-coveted invites.  Or not.

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